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バレンタインの時の張り紙-- "StupidCupid"

Mr. M.M. さん / United Kingdom / / 04/04〜05/04 / [ MQ-Intern-432-2005/02/07 ]

-- "Stupid Cupid" Too embarassed to send a valentines card? Then let us do it for you! The sixth form stupid cupid will deliver all of your valentine messages for a small fee of 20p! Write the person's name and form clearly on the front e.g. Julia Amos 12WW, and we'll do the rest! Just come to Winterborne at lunch times and breaktimes next week. All cards to be given in by Thursday 10th February. HAPPY VALENTINES! All procedes go towards the refubishment of Winterborne, of which you will benefit from in the futue

. -- 日本じゃなかなか無いですよね、こういうことって

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