Report from the Chinese participant
Mr. Dai Guoxunさん
Speaking of experience here in DC, I'd like to say that life in US is exiting and full of challenges. Now, I'm busy in taking part in IIP's training programs that are organized very well. There are many new things to learn and many fun activities waiting. The only problem for me is how to manage my time efficiently to guarantee that I learn something new as well as enjoy myself. The IIP Office in DC has a friendly and democratic atmosphere and IIP itself is willing to improve for the better everyday.
Regarding to cost of living in Washington DC, I'd like to say it is more or less the same of that in Japan. But as there is a China Town in Washington DC, a Chinese living here might feel more comfortable and convenient than a Japanese or other foreigners. In China Town there are several kinds of Chinese newspapers available, you can often find some useful information in it. If you want to find a less expensive room to live, you might get one from the Chinese newspapers with a price around $300 which is $200 or so less than a usual one; if you want to eat the authentic Chinese food you just go to China Town, there you can eat in a restaurant or buy some flavors or foods that are imported directly from China and cook by yourself. You can feel more China here than in Japan. So I conclude that if a Chinese can live in Japan without problems he/she can live better here in DC.