"Lessons at CIT and LTP research "
Ms Ruiko Temma (天満類子)さん
I enjoyed and attended the lessons with positive attitude before Christmas vacation. But eventually it became difficult to concentrate on the lessons once LTP (Long Term Placement) research began. It was so stressful as it was the first time for me to find a full time job.
There were 3 optional lessons during the course, which was very successful for me. I chose law lessons even though I had no idea aboutany law. I found interest in laws, trials and the court during theselessons. I came to understand and enjoy trials in films. It made me happy because the procedure in the court was so different from Japanese that I could not understand the court film before. At the end of the lessons, we went to the old Bailey which is the most important criminal court in Britain and saw the trial. It was very impressive.

Job Hunting
LTP research was also impressive. Though I had a clear target (idea) for my LTP, it took hard time to decide. As I aimed to have a job in an architectural office, I had to prepare my work sample and technical answers for the interview. Therefore I had to work overtime to make the portfolio. However it was stressful, I met some great architects during having interviews and I was invited to the formal party. It was fashionable and I had a great time!