"Host UK"
Ms Chie Kinoshita (木下智愛)さん
I'm enjoying all classes at CIT and also I had spent quite nice time during holidays.
I recommend participating in "HOST UK" when your school enters the holiday. You can visit to all parts of the UK if you apply "HOST UK". "HOST UK" gives international students the opportunity to spend a weekend in the home of a British host. I spent a wonderful Christmas in Somerset. I also had made Chinese and Thai friends and experiencing a different culture. My host guided me about the choice of my future career. We talked about own culture, history, custom and religion each other late into the night. She gave me more confidence in talking to other national people. I could feel homestay atmosphere at her house because she is full of thought for people. I'm still contacting with them by e-mail, letter and phone. I would like to visit her again soon!